100-Year-Old Man Gives Advice on How to Have a Wealthy & Healthy Retirement

100 year old man, Retirement
image source: Business Insider

In this uncertain decade of sustainability of life, it’s a dream to live a life of 100 years. But Orville Rogers, having subdued on the sod for 100 years is living the most cherished life in his later period of adulthood. Nowhere can old age be seen in his context of livelihood. The former airline pilot had to retire from his job at the age of 60 because of the company policy. But he never kept himself away from flying. He flew his airlines till the age of 79.

Rogers, the 100-year-old-man revealed to an outlet where he affirms that his life-saving funds are now calculative to $5 million. Although the fact that he is lucky enough to succeed for a life of 100, $5 million happened to him is not an ordeal. Besides being in the phases of life, after staining the funds, he conveniently donated to his church and lived a life of surrounded by normal lifestyle.

The former airline pilot opened his retirement account in 1952. Till then he enjoyed his life flying to various places. Through personal revilement, it seems the pilot loves his cockpit hoe, more. Away from the family chores, Roger read Forbes Magazine and Wall Street Journal. Being a proud owner of 3 aeroplanes, he has equally experienced in every airplane he possesses of.

Furthermore he speaks about his exercise routine which he follows with Holy Spirit. On reading the book Aerobics, Dr Kenneth Coope being the inspiration makes him hit the road every morning. He assumes, might have travelled 43,000 miles by now. Rogers is left with 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Almost all his friends and family members have left him over time. He lost his son in the Vietnam War and engraved his wife ten years ago.
He wrote a book, ‘The Running Man: Flying High for the Glory of God’. He chirps out the basic rule for living life is to live with optimum enthusiasm as a whole.