A marriage proposal after just recovering from the cochlear implant

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Image Source: The Telegraph

After Kerry Kennedy and Hayward Duresseau met in the year 2015 at a Mardi Grass Celebration, Duresseau was sure that he saw the love of his life and he also wanted to propose the lady. After three years of the relationship, life made the circumstances contrasts to those of prevailing during this time.

On a family vacation, he was shocked to find that he was unable to see anything from his glasses. With the advancement of the day he came across various physical symptoms which indicated some physical illness. On Valentine’s Day, he anyhow managed to put up with the circumstances and to deal with a severe headache he had taking some migraine pills.

The very next day he was compelled to be so ill that he had to take emergency hospitality. The doctors first assumed the whole thing to be an issue related to the eye as assumed by Durresseau himself.

But later on with more of the treatment and the diagnostic tests, the doctors came to know the issue is not at all related to eyes, but it’s all about losing the hearing sensation completely and soon after they informed Durresseau that he had meningitis.

The couple put their plans of marrying on a hold giving the health concerns of the man a whole lot of priority. Lying on the death bad the man assumed that head lost his life completely and he had to get himself disappointed with his as he found himself completely unable to recover.

The doctor assured him of the hearing loss but what happened is after he went through the cochlear implantation he was able to hear, and the first thing he heard was about the marriage the proposal by her beloved, and this made him delighted from within.