A woman who quits the job to move in with Philandering Bishop and found he is engaged

A woman who quits the job to move in with Philandering Bishop and found he is engaged
Image Source: HelloBeautiful

In the latest development, it was found that an Ohio bishop is now under fire after the woman accuses him of manipulating her to quit her job. This incident comes after she came to quit the job and when she went to him, she found out that he was already engaged with another woman.

After this incident, Andrea Garrison has taken help of Facebook and blast about Bishop Victor Couzens. He is said to be the senior pastor at the Inspirational Baptist Church, at the City of Destiny in Forest Park, OH. In the Facebook, she said that he is having an affair with her as well as with another woman. This was found out by her when Couzens announced about his engagement in the social media. As per Garrison, she is supposed to move in with him on 24th October.

In the live video by Garrison on Facebook, she said in the video that she is now tired of these people who all hide and lie by taking the name of the God to get some sexual pleasure.

Garrison said that their relationship started from the year 2011 and went for a long time. They have stopped talking as he is said to be still sleeping with his ex-wife. But after some years, their romance again started, and in April this year, their relationship got to the serious note and Bishop to take her to his condo in Miami.

After this all, Couzens have allegedly asked Garrison as well as her kids to move in with him at Cincinnati home, but an emergency which involves police allegedly forced her to push up her. But after that, he disappeared, and after a week she found that Bishop was engaged now with another woman.