Actors who were too old to portray the role of the high schoolers

Actors, Carey Mulligan
image source: Her beauty


If a filmmaker, presents us a movie putting all his effort then we can barely get to know the originality of the actors. These days the actors are showing such mind-blowing performance that a single question cannot be raised on their ability. Moreover, it is all on the acting ability of the person and the ability to portray the self to other characters, and this can hardly make us realise the real age they have. Here is the list of a few actors who played the role beyond their age.

The first role is of Carey Mulligan. She is considered one of the most precious possessions that Hollywood has. She was in her 30s, but still, she got that baby face so right that it just took the hearts of the fans. She played the role of the 17-year-old teenager Daisy fay in the movie The Great Gatsby. Emilly Kinney also stunned the fans all over again playing a small 16-year-old kid when she was in her 26. This just put the fans into some momentary shock when they heard of Emily playing the role of the Hershel’s youngest daughter, a 16-year-old teen in The Walking Dead. Her character was the perfect example of the fresh youth nature with a crispy combination of a little kid as teens have that at this age.

If we remember of the vibrant musical movie Grease: The man of the film which is to be a so-called hero was a high school boy, and the role was played by John Travolta. During that time he was 24 years old, but he did not let that man come out throughout the movie, and people hardly do believe the age of the man who played such bubbly teen role.