Amazon cuts bonuses of warehouses worker after increasing minimum pay

Amazon cuts bonuses of warehouses worker after increasing minimum pay
Image Source: The Verge

In the recent development, Amazon has said to have increased the minimum wage to about $15 per hour, but with this increase, it came with some kind of cuts. The main reason for this the people are not in a good mood for the VCP or variable compensation pay. This thing is said to be like the incentive pay. On 2nd of October 2018, VCP has said to be got wiped out as the entire stock opportunity got wiped out.

As per the Time, VCP was got by the people who can able to get up to the monthly 8 percent bonus if the attendance was said to be the good as well as facility to meet the marks.  As per the initial response to all the increase in the wage was said to be good as most of the people who are from the United States have asked for a $15 per hour increment. But these things are said to have been overlooked by the company as it will cost them in the long run.

One woman said in a statement that she uses the VCP to pay off the debt and it gets gifts for the son. This is currently not possible or will prove to be like extremely difficult as it does not require money. This kind of things is said to benefit about 100,000 seasonal workers who all can able to get the money which is during the holiday season.

As per some of the reports, it has been seen that some of the warehouses have got a little bit of growing. It has also been seen that at one place people have quit the jobs after the news broke in and it is about the protesting on Black Friday. This is said to be a tension for the company as it will slow down the process of delivery.