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California Becomes First State to Ban the Sale of Cosmetics Tested On Animals

  In U.S. history, California stands at the front bench to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals containing harmful chemicals. The prerogative is...
Sea Turtles, Latest news,

Sea Turtles Are Making a Triumphant Return to Mexico after Years of Being Hunted

On the verge of being led to the stage of extinction, this year the turtles have made a safe return to Mexico after several...
Women Declare, ‘My Body Is my Own’ In An Empowering Video From Planned Parenthood

Women Declare, ‘My Body Is My Own’ In An Empowering Video From Planned Parenthood

Unleashed with the women empowerment, planned parenthood has featured girls and women in a new short film and more of a strong message which has...