Beaches of Cape Cod are now a playground for sharks and tourists, alike

Beaches of Cape Cod are now a playground for sharks and tourists, alike
Image Source: The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

As the beach season is getting closer every day on Cape Cod. The marine researchers want to figure out as to why there is an increase in shark sightings and encounters in the beaches of Cape Cod – The recent attack has made it the first shark attack on a human being since the year 2012. One of the prominent researchers has suggested that the presence of small and younger white sharks might be the reason why there’s an increased shark sighting on the beach.

A state marine biologist named Greg Skomal has been leading a study which will complete its fifth year in 2018. Skomal along with his team has reportedly spotted a staggering number of great white sharks, i.e., 149 in July which is more than double of the last observation made in July of 74 sharks and 129 sharks in the year 2016.

According to Greg Skomal, the younger great white sharks that measure around 8ft to 10ft have made appearances in a significant amount than previous years. Skomal along with his team is still analyzing the data.

Skomal has said, “Cape Cod may represent a productive feeding ground not just for mature white sharks, but also for juveniles.” He continued saying It’s something we’ll certainly be watching out for.”

It is not an absolute shock to witness the young white sharks in the water of Massachusetts. The waters between New Jersey and Cape Cod are always considered as a region where the great white sharks spend the initial years of their life, and then they expand their territorial reach. On the other hand, the frequent spotting of the young sharks indicates a broad recovery of the population of the white shark.

The concern behind this incident comes after a shark attack on 61-year-old New York resident. Researchers are still researching to determine the species of the shark which attacked William Lytton. Lytton later suggested staying in water which is up to the height of a person’s waist.