Brett Mcgurk resignation in order to protest Trump’s decision

Brett Mcgurk resignation in order to protest Trump's decision
Image Source: NBC News

The US government envoy for the global condition to fight ISIS, Brett McGurk, is resigning over President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. McGurk, who served the post for since 2015, is all set to leave his position in February but moved forward his departure to Dec. 31 because he disagreed with Trump’s strategy. His resignation came out just after the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis because of his different views with the president on defence and foreign policy. Trump has decided to back the force behind the US partnership with the local soldier group that US troops will be leaving behind in Syria.

In the resignation letter given to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday and described to the Associated Press, McGurk said that, militants in Syria were not yet defeated and that pulling US forces would encourage the growth of ISIS.

Just around 11 days ago, McGurk said it was reckless to think ISIS was defeated and said the battle against the militant group was a “long-term campaign.”

Trump announced out of nowhere on Wednesday on Twitter, “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

On Saturday, Trump tweeted, “On Syria, we were originally going to be there for three months, and that was seven years ago – we never left. When I became President, ISIS was going wild. Now ISIS is largely defeated and other local countries, including Turkey, should be able to easily take care of whatever remains. We’re coming home!”

Trump also tweeted, “Brett McGurk, who I do not know, was appointed by President Obama in 2015 Was supposed to leave in February but he just resigned prior to leaving. Grandstander? The Fake News is making such a big deal about this nothing event”

Now, Mattis will continue in his role until the end of February.