Bullies Wanted To Silence My Voice, but Knew I Had To Use It to Inspire Others

Victoria Dennis, Apollo Theatre
image source: Flipboard


Living in Mount Kisco, New York, a 16-year-old singer, entertainer and actress, Victoria Dennis knew bullying was the symptom, and the cause is to spread the message to others who are adjectively going through it. She wanted and almost did whatever it took to pacify other kids subjected to ‘bullying’.

The young girl geared up for her career with modelling in print ads and covers with hooks for Nikon, Harlequin and Toy R US books. Surmounted, she did a cameo for Nick Jr, USPS and Fisher-Price and Under Armour. Ever since a little girl, at the age of 11, she lived her dream as an entertainer performing at famously known ApolloTheatre and voiced the national anthem at Madison Square Garden. At the age of 11, co-starring in the finale week of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire to being cast in the Broadway musical production.

In an early of the career of TV and modelling, Victoria thought her friends and fellow mates would celebrate her. But that was the significant time in her process of growing up when bullying became part and parcel like the textbooks until the sixth grade happened. Subsequently, she received certain notes igniting suicides in the second grade of her school days. Like every parent, Dennis’s mom could see her tears rolling down her cheek because being tripped by her friends.

This was the time when the 16-year old girl lured her head higher keeping her mother’s words at the back of the mind, moved ahead of time. On attaining the sixth grade, Victoria wanted a change in the concept of bullying. It was then she wrote,’ you can’t hide’ depicting her experiences of being bullied. She deposited all her write-ups to an anti-bullying foundation and wanted to turn the foul game into something positive.

She concluded bullying is done with a jealous and envious mind. She expressed that you can only ignore them and spoke out to the people bullying should transcend down love and kindness.