California Becomes First State to Ban the Sale of Cosmetics Tested On Animals

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image source: Allure


In U.S. history, California stands at the front bench to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals containing harmful chemicals. The prerogative is a stride for other countries and respective states to follow the ignitions for the world to come together for the paradigm shift. Otherwise known as California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, the Senate Bill 1249 was raised to its face value in the California assembly by Sen Cathleen Galgiani before this year.

With an unhindered chase of votes, the bill for the ban of cosmetics test on animals was forwarded to the desk of Government Jerry Brown for the conciliatory signature to make it official as soon as possible. It should hold back the human minds from doing this cruelty to animals regarding cosmetics testing on them deliberately for profit and economic value based factor.

When methods of the alternative list are well proved, the state does not need to test on animals. The Interagency Coordinating Committee has approved certain alternative methods to prevent this overt act. The man of substance Galgiani’s prepared bill lends it sub-judice to prohibit the process headed with minds held high in different states.

With each passing year, like valedictory functions it’s been concluded by the Human Society International (HSI) that a range of 100,000 and 200,000 hamsters, pigs rabbits and mice are being subjected to the harshness for cosmetic purposes, thence leading them to several testing including chemicals. In a state like California, people from different walks of life which include localities, elites, celebrities and several animal activist groups have turned up for the cause of skied bird support.

They are backing for the bill which is of stoned ice for the change required in the society. Actress Alicia Silverstone moved to California to support the ban. More than 6500nCalifornias penned down their deep sentiments to persuade the govt. Brown for the passage of the bill. It’s difficult for this eminent change to render its place in different parts of the world but with the gradual process of change, you will have a better place for the animals.