Chrissy Teigen’s trainer shares how she manages to keep her clients in shape

Chrissy Teigen’s trainer shares how she manages to keep her clients in shape
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Simone De La Rue is a personal trainer who trains Jennifer Gardner as well as Chrissy Teigen to help them maintain their shape. The former dancer turned personal trainer also owns her fitness club known as ‘Body By Simone’ which is located in New York City as well as Brentwood, Cali and West Hollywood. The reputation and success that De La Rue has achieved might make you hire her as your trainer, however for many people; it may not be financially possible though.

However, Business Insider has found out about a few handy tips and tricks which De La Rue uses with her clients and is willing to share them with you all.

To begin, the first biggest tip coming from De La Rue is that you should hold yourself responsible for the workout regimen you follow. So be it an exercise journal or a workout buddy nearby, you should have a good way to monitor your regimen each day. You will want to stick to following a workout regularly as you feel loyal to a workout buddy or an exercise journal. Also, it is important to have a goal to give your work regimen a purpose.

Another way is to keep a music playlist handy to stay motivated to work out, says De La Rue. You can listen to rock, pop or hip-hop or any music genre you like.

De La Rue also stressed on one common mistake that she sees several people doing while they work out, i.e. not exercising correctly. You can avoid such a mistake by letting a personal trainer help you at least one time to make sure that you are doing the work out correctly.

Lastly, the most significant thing to keep in mind as per De La Rue is that working out just a fast fix but also a lifetime change. So, eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis and have a positive attitude during the fitness journey to make it easy for yourself to achieve your fitness goals.