Donald Trump Says Migrant Uses Children Who Live Near The Border To Enter United States

Donald Trump Says Migrant Uses Children Who Live Near The Border To Enter United States
Image Source: Evening Standard

This week President Donald Trump claimed that many migrants coming through Mexico have tried to “catch a child” near the border to make fake family connections and get easy access to the United States. But their number of administrations, as well as the observation of experts, show that this is not really the case.

In answer to a question about the use of tear gas against women and children on the US-Mexico border during the weekend, Trump claimed on Monday that some migrants with children were not real parents as they are faking to get easy access into the US.

Asked whether he was referring to the iconic image of the woman escaping with her twin daughters after shooting tear gas in the migrant caravan, Trump said “These people, they call ’em ‘grabbers.’”

“Trump can say that all over the border you have a lot of grabbers,” he added. “All of them have a lot of people that grab children and they have no idea who these children are. They’re not parents. They have no idea.”

Although there is no report of immigrants taking random children on the border, Trump is referring to claims from his administration that immigrants are using children to avoid deportation or, at least, increase the process.

“many cases, you know, they’re not the parents,” Trump told reporters Monday. “migrant grab a child because they think they’ll have a certain status by having a child. We know you have certain advantages in terms of our crazy laws that, frankly, Congress should be changing.”

As it is also unclear where Trump came across the term “grabbers,” which he insinuated was commonly used.

“Yes, it is a term that I’ve heard, but that’s what they call them,” Trump told reporters. “The term that they  used because, as you know, many people — it’s a very violent horrible thing, that they feel they have an advantage when they’re with a young child, and they call them ‘grabbers.”