Duo Songwriter Take 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Jingle Song To Another Level

Duo Songwriter Take 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Jingle Song To Another Level
Image Source: Marquis Entertainment

From Toronto, two songwriters have taken 12 days of Christmas holiday jingle song to another platform or you can say to another level, The 179 Days of Christmas. As per the report by Mental Floss, artist, Joren Cull, worked closely with his composer Pal Aj Ing to write the lyrics of the song, what else could someone get for Christmas besides a few turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree? In fact, they can get a lot more. This song, which lasted for less than nine hours,  offers listeners to a whole host of gifts including “14 Furbies”, “66 dancing earthworms”, and “112 calls from my mother.”

Yes, there is no doubt that this song is a tribute to the original song, as it also includes the old traditional first 12 days in its lyrics. But, once they reach “12 drummers drumming”, the lyrics take a bit more weird sound and become more ridiculously faster with each passing day. Just imagine that the “12 Days of Christmas” television shows were written by the creators of South Park and you would have the right idea.

As we all know, every super or you can say amazing song needs a music video, and this is done with the help of Cull’s illustration skills, he and Ing created an animated video which they later uploaded to YouTube.

The video, which presently has just only less than twenty thousand views, yes, I know it is very hilarious from the very beginning when a cartoon joker presents you what will happen for about nine hours of your life, you probably will not sit back. That is if you can even get through all nine hours of comically strange holiday lyrics, of course.

Every day the video is displayed on a helpful basis so that you can at least keep track of where you are in this mega-long jingle. To keep extra entertainment for you, there is also a small cartoon man dance next to the numbers because you try to maintain the bond.