Everything about the Ariana Grande’s fans and #cancelwendywilliamsshow

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Wendy Williams has always been number one in the controversial lists, and her mouth is always in the middle of trouble. In today’s social media ruling world, those above can certainly lead an individual to get into troubles both online and offline and especially when you mess with the psycho fans of the celebrities.

This is exactly what happened when Wendy said something crazy about Ariana Grande and to her surprise; Ariana’s fans outraged Wendy and were not thrilled about what was said about her. This is what Wendy told about the pop star that made her again on top of the controversies, “Ariana is 21, but she always looks as if she is 14.

This is not good, it is always good to look a little younger than your actual age, but when you look too young, and then you have short height, she is only 4’11. She cannot be counted among the women.” Ariana’s fans outraged on Williams and thought she is body shaming their beloved star, and since then, the trend of #cancelwendywilliamsshow has been trending.

Twitter has been flooding over Williams words on Ariana Grande, and it is weird to see people from all races to come forward and show support for the star. Although, Wendy did not say a lot bad about the star the fans have considered the matter to stop watching the reality show of Wendy Williams.

If you look at what Williams told, it was surely not about body shaming, but they were rude. But, it was a matter of observation rather than an intent made by Wendy to shame the pop star. The best thing Ariana’s fans can do to support her is by not watching William’s show!