Financial Lesson Teched By Mom To Her Small Kids

Financial Lesson Teched By Mom To Her Small Kids
Image Source: Morning Alliance

At the age of only 5 years, Nyna and her parents left the Khmer Rouge, The cruel regime of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK) in Cambodia. The family had lost everything or you can say every wealth they created in whole life, and it meant that they had to scrimp and escape to go to their new country in the United States.

And on that day, Nyna made her promise to herself that she would work as hard as she could in order to ensure that her children didn’t have a childhood like hers. Nyna would do a very good job to provide them with the ways in which her parents cannot give her. She will ensure that their future is bright and full of possibilities. Nyna told “My dream is to see all my children successful.”

Nyna worked to give her views on money and saving her children, but as soon as her children grew up, she became worried about her spending habits. For the past many years, Nyna has been a single mom. While her youngest child is not old enough to know about responsible expenses, she has worked hard to teach her older children, who are 15 and 18 years old, how and when they can save money.

Still, she is worried that she is influenced by the proficiency of the society for immediate satisfaction and becoming very materialistic. She is particularly worried about her daughter, Macara, who will soon be in charge of her finance at the age of 18.

The conditions of Nyna and Macara are very different. At the age of 17, Nyna was already a mother. She had no financial assistance. That is why she thinks it is important to understand the potential effects of the money that is being decided for the Macara. But Macara appreciates what she does for her. (including payment for college), it seems difficult to focus on her finances.