Former Taliban hostage has accused her husband of abusing her

Former Taliban hostage has accused her husband of abusing her
Image Source: dailynews

An American woman named Caitlan Coleman was held captive by Taliban-linked militant group along with her Canadian husband named Joshua Boyle revealed that her husband abused her while the couple was taken, hostage.

The couple was held captive by the Haqqani Taliban-linked group for five years. Coleman and Boyle were rescued late last year in a dramatic shootout. As hostages, the couple has three children and it is reported that the fourth child is on its way. The children are currently living with Coleman in the US after the victim was granted with a temporary sole custody of the children back in July.

The affidavits which were filed during the battle of custody for the children, Boyle and Coleman were seen accusing the both of them with a number of series yet disturbing allegations as they countered each other.

The Ottawa Citizen was the one to first report on the documents, Caitlan Coleman has accused her husband Boyle of the threatening he made to kill her by lighting the woman on fire. Boyle also confined her to a shower stall for weeks and Coleman was also a victim of a routine physical assault. According to Coleman, the abuse started escalating after staying in captivity for three years. In the documents, Coleman wrote that early in the year 2017 Boyle struck her head so hard that she broke her cheekbone.

Boyle is now facing around 19 charges which aren’t limited to sexual assault, criminal harassment, assault, and assault with a weapon. Boyle will be standing trial in the spring of 2019. However, Boyle claims that Coleman was abusive to him and she had neglected her children. According to Boyle, the captors were referencing him as the mother and wife as well as father and husband. Boyle also noted that he nurtured the child all by himself. The reason why Boyle presented an affidavit was to prevent his wife Coleman from traveling to the US with the children.