Ghosting Is The Rising Trend: Everything You Need To Know

Ghosting Is The Rising Trend: Everything You Need To Know
Image Source: eHarmony

There is a very common phrase trending among people these days named Ghosting in this past couple of years, which is eventually increased by the online dating app. People are frequently using the phrase Ghosting, Though, many people are unaware of the term ghosting or how to explain to others what is happening to them.

Now, the question is what is ghosting and when or who has ghosted another person? When someone rejects the person on the online dating app, only the person who has rejected knows about it and never tells another person about that. He or she just disappears. There is no correct explanation for ending the relationship or ending the interaction. The number of majorities has no explanation and no tracks which normally leaves a person confused, rejected and disappointed.

To be honest, it is the most coward way to end a relationship, but it is the easiest way to finish one, just because of the technology. A person can walk away without expressing their feelings of he and her, which is the reason why people ghost each other, which is a very clever move.

When someone claims that or she is busy is also one sign of ghosting. The thing is that when two people are in a relationship, they always want to be with each other and they will spare time for them, even when they are answering the text or responding to an Instagram DM, if a person is interested they spare to time to respond.

Although ghosting has famously been in terms of relationships, a new trend is on the fire where people ghost their daily routines. A person will accept another job but tell no one at their current job. The person then simply doesn’t show up one day. That is a crappy thing to do. Be kind out there everyone, treat people with respect.