Go for more fat and cut the carbs consumption

Go for more fat and cut the carbs consumption
Image Source: Diet Doctor

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs and Sugars-Your Brain’s Silent Killers book which was written by Dr. David Perlmutter was got published five years ago. After the publication of this book, it was said that this book helps in shedding light on the dangers of carbs, sugar, and gluten. The dangers sue to these three substances arises for the functionality, brain health, and immunity to disease.

The findings that are mentioned in the book are said to be welcomed by all and also got challenged by many. In that book, it was said that if anyone is eating more fat, then it will help in benefiting brain health, blood sugar, and weight loss regulation. It was seen that when the book was published, then Grain Brain’s recipe was said to be got with some improved health.

This is said to be getting some attention from the readers as some readers reported to have improved the skin disorders, weight loss, and headaches. Now, it is seen that the findings that are mentioned in the book are now widely accepted by many. It has been found that gluten can affect the people who have not got any kind of celiac disease.

This concept has even got backed by the American Medical Association. The next thing that comes is the sugar and high-glycemic index foods. It has got some impact on health. It was seen that death due to high carbs had been increased to 28 percent. As per Perlmutter, it said that dementia is a disease that can be prevented, but there is no treatment for that at this moment. So if anyone wants to avoid this disease, then they need to go for good food choices.