Google will block obstructive ads on the websites

Search Giant Google

It has been announced by the Coalition for Better Ads the program— Better Ads Experience Program— which will provide guidelines for companies like Google how to use the Better Ads Standards for improving the users’ experience with ads on the web.

As per the announcement by the Google itself, from 15th February, Google Chrome will start working with the Coalition for Better Ads and will remove all ads failing in the Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days. This won’t be blocking all the ads on all the websites rather it will stop those that are deemed overly annoying and it will block all the ads from sites where even one of the ad displayed on the site doesn’t meet the standards and the violations will be reported to Ad Experience Report and once the violations are fixed, the owners of the site can submit their site for the re-review.

Additional details about the program, including the registration process, fees, and other details, will be released in January for review by companies that are interested in participating. The types of ads which tend to be annoying are the ones that automatically play videos with sound, animated ads and the ones that expand to cover the portion of the screen and becomes the reason why people have to install ad blockers.  The company’s spokesperson said, “We have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies.”

This week, Google has published ‘Google Chrome Installer’ in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft says that they welcome Google for building a Microsoft Store browser app compliant with their Microsoft Store policies. Google is working on this program for months and their goal is to curb the use of ad blockers that hurts the publishers and promote the creation of non-obstructive ads.