Governor gets pissed off from another win by Annalise

Governor gets pissed off from another win by Annalise
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In the latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder has founded that Annalise is in the thick of her Nate Sr appeal case. It has been found out that it is not the right time as the court throws a wrench in their plans. They found out that Nate Jr was called to stand in the court as a surprise witness for which they are not prepared for.

As per Nate, when he was a kid, he feels safe with his father behind bars. Nate now claims that he doesn’t even remember to write the letter as well as no longer feels the way but it is obvious that it does not go over well in the court.

After that, it was seen that Bonnie is spiralling as Nate dug up the whole of the trauma. She is seen to heading towards Nate’s house to ask why he did that. It is seen that, he is explaining about that and what made him do that as he thought that he would help Bonnie to remind him which he just triggered all over again. In this, she tried to kill herself which is over the situation as well as she managed to get past it. But now she has gone to get to build herself back up again as Nate wants to try to make the things better but at this point, there is nothing he can do that.

It was found out that Nate and Annalise are kicking it as well as discussing all the case. As per Nate, he said that he lied on the stand and he still remembers about writing the letter. It seems that this will b hard as governor has got a vendetta against her for doing that.  After all, this jury reaches a verdict and Annalise finally get the win.