Group of Tiny Terrorists Is On Its Way: A short piece of writing

Group of Tiny Terrorists Is On Its Way: A short piece of writing
image source: Health news

Be ready, fellow Americans the group of tiny people is on its way and it will be in an hour or any minutes, it can be thousands if not it can be more of tiny masked weirdos will spill into our neighborhood streets, invade our porches, know down our door and definitely change the whole face of this huge nation forever.

It will not feel normal as you can feel chill in the air can you feel it? Beth said that it is just the time of year, but I don’t think so. Feels different. Similar to the calmness before a storm of tiny weirdos dressed like Elsa from “Frozen.”

I am making the mountain out of molehills said Mr. Beth, but you tell does she spend all day in the basement keeping up with the news? No, she does not. Says she’s too busy adjusting my sheets and arranging my pills.

Dale understands whole thing and says that the whole thing scared him a bit.“We have no idea who are these group of little people are,” says Dale. “What house are they coming from? Nothing.”

Beth told that they mean no harm. But I’m like, how can you know about that and how can you say that when you don’t know who they are? I listened to reports they’re loaded with eggs, toilet paper, pebbles from the driveway—you name it. Well, Beth heard that and got real quiet.

“What kinda eggs?” says Beth.

I told her to jump to it and bring me the AK.

Well, she might scared, but not I Tell me the truth, I drink. These small weird people are out to take candy from qualified Americans. Our people want Tootsie Pops. Our citizens need Tamales to warm up. And they are going on a bunch of trick-or-traitors?

To be Continued.