How And Where To Watch 2018 Midterm Elections

How And Where To Watch 2018 Midterm Elections
Image Source: KPBS

Most welcome to Election Day: It is more than a billion races happening all around and it is very hard to keep track of all the small activity by a single mortal. But there are two big, simple questions: Who will control the Senate? Who will control the House?

Let us give you information about how we are approaching the night and when we get confirmation about the wave election Democrats hope for and Republicans fear.

  • Most calls will be made between 9:30 pm. And 11:30 PM ET After that, we have to wait for the calls that are probably a) race from the parts of the Midwest and West Coast.
  • As we all know by 9 o’clock. Or at 9:30 p.m ET If we are seeing a significant wave election or not based on data from the eastern coast and the Midwest.
  • Since it is worth playing with this map, you will understand how difficult the house scenario is. Democrats need to slide 23 seats to control the House. It really a lot, and it is certainly possible that Democrats can win in many places and on Tuesday there will be a strong night on that Tuesday, without controlling the House.
  • There will be a huge wave or you can say extreme wave: It’s 9 p.m and people on Twitter and cable news(Cable news channels are television channels devoted to television news broadcasts)Special, where you will find me and Brandon Finnigan of the Decision Desk headquarters) are talking about the massive Democratic voting with East Coast. The Democrats are already winning House seats in the state like Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and also in places such as Texas Kentucky and Ohio. Andrew Gillum and Joe Donnelly are winning decisively(definite result) in Florida and Indiana; Stacey Abram is coming closer to 50% in Georgia, And Phil Bredesen is doing very well. And, seriously, the initial return in the Midwest looks incredibly powerful for the Democrats.