How Do You Know That You Are Running Too Much

How Do You Know That You Are Running Too Much
Image Source: The Globe and Mail

One of the best and amazing ways that many people choose for losing weight is by going out for a run. It is believed that many of us just try to race in our neighbourhood or on the treadmill. There are more extreme marathons on other regular basis and maintaining a great shape in the process. But there is a question that can weigh on the minds on expert and beginner runners alike- is it possible to run too much?

This main query is studied by the GQ. Instead of trying to answer the big question, they dealt with it in different categories. After all, the limit of a new runner is different from someone who runs a marathon of countless 5 Kilometer in his lifetime.

Some of us, trying to extremely get into running, but the best way is to start with a slow run. Even if you walk more before running at first, it helps your body to get stronger. Small targets and running for four or five days a week will increase the healthy amount of cardio. Once this is done, you will eventually hit the first of many plateaus. As soon as this happens, increase the difficulty you like. It involves a separate running trail or running last longer. Discover what is best for you based on your age, fitness level, and overall physical condition.

Surely, it will take some more time before you finally hit your stride as a runner and of course, there is no doubt that you will certainly do so. You may soon worry that you are pushing yourself too much. To be fair, there are plenty of symptoms that you’re overexerting your running This includes lack of appetite, lack of sex drive, mechanical menstrual cycle, changes in negative mood, and sleep problems. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above then surely you are running too much, then it’s time to make it easier once again.