Is ghosting the new dating standards that are setting trends?

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image source: eHARMONY


These days almost all the couples with a very casual form of feeling are ending up their termination by ghosting. This has been found in almost 99 cases out of every 100 relationships. This is the high time to discuss the trends or some sort of regular behaviors that are seen in every other person as it is so abundantly found. After all is this the time when ghosting would also be a trendsetting habit?

A lady was asked about her thoughts on this matter, and her story was merely a terrible example of the trend-setting ghosting. Not only this but there are many more examples of ghosting, and many boys and girls spoke their own experience, and this cannot be certainly denied that it is nothing but a trend that is crazily spreading over people and moreover they are finding it to be very amusing. But this is not the case with the other person as this leads to a strong heart-break and a simple question, “Why is the person doing so?” In addition to that this sort of heartbreak is not even a normal one, it is like you are just shown the way out of anyone’s life all of a sudden without even being asked for your say on that particular matter.

Now it is ultimately clear that ghosting is a trend that is accepted by people from within and is amusing as well. Ghosting after the first date is somewhat easy to be taken in and put up with but what about ghosting after three-four dates? As the trend of now, this is to create awareness among all the readers to stay away from these sorts of traps which can lead to your heartbreak. Try to take it as a mere compatibility test, all casual nothing serious!!!