Kent Damon, father of Matt Damon has died at 74

Kent Damon Died

Kent Damon, Matt Damon’s father and former stockbroker has died on 14th December, at the age of 74 after a long cancer battle as confirmed by E! News on Saturday.

Kent Damon

In 2011, it was revealed that he was fighting cancer for several years and was in remission from the rare blood disease multiple myeloma. Matt told WCVB-TV at a benefit for Massachusetts General Hospital that the disease is incurable and his father will ‘fight it to a standstill’. Earlier this month, Matt told Extra, “It’s been a slow unfolding, my dad’s sick, so that’s been a process we’re going through.” He continued that they will take any prayers you got.

He has skipped the 2017 Britannia Awards in England in October— where he was honoured with the Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film, and Kate Mara has received the award on his behalf. At the Downsizing screening on December 19th, he had cancelled his red carpet appearance. Matt at the event said, “We’ve lost some close personal friends to cancer in recent years, but I never thought it would happen to my dad, the marathon runner.” Kent at the event praised his son for being a good husband and father to his four daughters and said, “He’s all you could ever for ask for in a son. It’s been a wonderful ride being his dad.”

Kent recalled his shock at the newspaper in 1997 and saw Academy Award nomination of his son for Good Will Hunting. He said, “There was a picture of Robert Duvall, Peter Fonda, and Dustin Hoffman – then there was a picture of my 27-year-old son. He didn’t belong there with all these seasoned actors!”

The Boston Globe said that after Matt’s dad diagnosis, he has helped in raising awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment.