Lindsey Vonn on the comments of people wishing that she should break her neck

Lindsey Vonn

In February, US Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is heading towards snowy South Korean mountains. The 33-year-old has won a gold medal for women’s downhill Skiing during 2010 Vancouver Olympics and has missed Sochi games for four years due to a knee injury. Last Week, Cable News Network’s Christina MacFarlane asked her about competing once again at Olympics for team USA whose president is Trump and winning the gold medal for the second time to which Vonn replied, “Well, I hope to represent the people of the United States — not the president,” showing strong disapproval for Trump.

Lindsey Vonn
Image Source- Newsweek

And when she was asked whether she accepts an invitation to the White House to which her reply was “absolutely not.” This weekend, she has also hurt her back in a race and detailed about the comments received saying, “opened up my eyes as to how divided we are right now.”

She wrote: “My travels around the world have recently made clear that this is no longer how people view the United States. “ She says that one cannot pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV in Europe without noticing how people are questioning their direction and it seems to her that they must lead with understanding and strive for unity in their relationships throughout the world.

Lindsey said that she was proud to be an American and was grateful to live in a country where she can share her opinions. She also wrote that it was hurtful to read the comments where people are hoping that she could break her neck or that God is punishing her for being ‘anti-Trump,’ and all of this is much bigger than skiing. And the Olympics as well as she is going to take the next two months to focus on what she can do and right now she is competing for her country. She says that she is hoping that Americans can still be that ‘shining city on a hill.’