Mega Voting Sites In Florida Bay Country Are Causing Trouble

Mega Voting Sites In Florida Bay Country Are Causing Trouble
Image Source: Fox News

These mega voting sites make it just hard for black Americans to vote, a combination of right civil groups say. People are confused right now and getting in trouble voting in Panama City, Florida, in this place black neighborhoods has no local polling place open on election day as informed by the civil right group.

General voting has been disturbed in Florida Bay country, where Panama City is the country which has the largest urban areas as well as it is the country seat. The county was kicked hard by Hurricane Michael and later closed all of its standard polling places in favor of six improvised as “Mega Voting Sites” where any county resident could vote.

From six “Mega Voting Sites,” three of those were migrated around other parts of the country, and three are in Panama City, through the NAACP says all three of the latter are in primarily white neighborhoods. As per the report of the 2010 census,22% of the city is back. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a civil rights organization in the United States requested that the country has open the 7 “Mega Voting Sites” in a part of town more convenient or you can use cay easy for the black community voters.

Instead, he opened a “mini-mega” site in the requested location of the NAACP at the Glenwood Community Center,  the NAACP’s requested spot, but it was open only on Monday as the initial voting day, and then closed on election day. Buses are provided by the country to take people who feel inconvenient to some parts of town to “Mega Voting Site.” But they operate only from 10 AM to 5 PM, which works for much fewer hours than most of the polling places.

The president of the Florida chapter of the NAACP Mr. Adora Obi Nweze said that voters have complained about the lack of communication about how and where to vote, as well as the fear that they will be stuck in line at a mega voting site and the last bus will not hold the house.