Michael Cohen breaks his ties with Trump and registers himself as a Democrat

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Image Source:Daily Express

It looks like Michael Cohas is caught in a blue wave. The disappointed former fixer to President Donald Trump has registered himself now as a Democrat this Thursday. The legal team of Michael Cohen announced that Cohen is finally putting the nail in the coffin of the crumbling relationship between the two men.

The former attorney of Trump served as the deputy of finance chairman of the Republican Party until June has reportedly made the switch at the state board of election offices of New York in Albany. A spokeswoman has released a confirmation to the New York Daily News. Axios first reported the new move from Cohan.

Lanny Davis, an Attorney, tweeted that “Cohen returned to the Democratic Party today and this is one of the first steps for his forthcoming Journey.” Cohen has reportedly put his country and his family first and distanced himself from the principles and value of the present admin.

Lanny Davis also said that he could not wait for Cohen’s first interview after making this move. Cohen doesn’t currently have any interviews in the near foreseeable future, but a person who is familiar with the matter told the Daily News that Cohen had made plans to open up “at the correct time.”

After the spokeswoman of the White House was requested to comment regarding this but unfortunately, she declined. It isn’t the first time that Cohen shifted himself from one party affiliation to another. Cohen was a Democrat until 2017, but he flipped when he was requested to do so.

But what makes this move very interesting is that the latest switcheroo of party sends a crystal clear message to an individual to whom Cohen once said that he’d take a bullet for the specific individual. The relationship between Cohen and Trump has been deteriorating ever since he pleaded guilty back in August 2018.