Miles Teller ripped for Top Gun Maverick

image source: Men's health


In July, it was revealed that the actor Miles teller would appear in the Top Gun 2. The name of the title has now been changed to Top Gun: Maverick. It has been said that Teller has been still committed to the movie.

It was said that the cast as the son of the Nick Goose Bradshaw or one could refer to the son of Maverick’s best friend who is in the original film. The movie is said to be still being filmed, and it is said that the movie will get released during the June 2020.

As per the report by the Men’s Health, the Whiplash and Divergent star were said to have spotted leaving a gym. They have been spotted with the arms which are more muscular than before. This major difference in the body of the actor was said to be spotted by Men’s Health. The Teller is said to be slim as well as lanky. It has been said that his new muscles were not the only one which is physical change as Teller has undertaken the role in the Top Gun:  Maverick. It has been said that once brunette hair is now looking like the light blonde. He has also got the moustache which said to be helping him to look better like Goose.

It has been said that this is not the first time Teller has had to get bulk up for the role. When he has played a boxer in a movie in the year 2-16, the actor has worked with both nutritionists as well as with a trainer to reach the goal of 168 pounds or about 6 per cent body fat.

It has been seen that his nutritionist had ditched him of alcohol as well as of cheat meals and at the same time the trainer has put up his weight in just about five months.