Monitoring Your Weight Loss Instead Of Using Scale Which Is Also Not The Best Habit

Monitoring Your Weight Loss Instead Of Using Scale Which Is Also Not The Best Habit
Image Source: Harvard Health - Harvard University

Checking your body weight is a new obsession in the game of weight loss. But as it may appear as beneficial as it is actually a harmful habit that many people are making. What is body checking? It is the way people are monitoring their weight loss instead of using a scale, which is also not the good habit to have when trying to shed those pounds. People will take selfies and photograph of themselves to show how much progress has been made on their fitness journey.

Those who use body examination to keep track of their fitness progress, they regularly watch all parts of their body. Regular examination of the size of your stomach, legs, arms, etc., taking obsessive measurements are the symptoms of body examination. Comparing your body size and shape with others, focusing on wearing clothes can also be an indication of passion.

The social platform has a huge effect on it. The constant fitness and selfie photos of people’s bodies can cause a person to be self-aware about their own body. Gene Beresin, MD, executive director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at the Massachusetts General Hospital recently informs the Shape magazine that the social media is paying so much attention to the cause. Various studies have proven that social media can affect their own perception and it usually has negative effects.

As many fitness trainer and fitness expert claiming that body checking is the best way to track weight loss progress. It is now becoming more dangerous as the checking of the scale. For many years, people in the fitness world have claimed that it is not the most accurate way to determine weight loss, especially if someone is building muscle. It can be harmful when a person takes too many steps on the scale because it can hinder progress.