More exposure to holiday music can harm mental health

More exposure to holiday music can harm mental health
Image Source: Business Insider

Till now Thanksgiving day has not taken place but the malls, as well as radio stations, are said to be now doing programs for the same as a promotional event. This event is like the event in which Taylor Swift song White Christmas has come with some social ramifications that are spread across the US or even the rendition of Silent Night by Justin Bieber who kills the idea of serenity.

It has been seen that there are too many folks who are out there and believe that the next holiday movie will be dubbed How the Cringe Stole Christmas. This is like listening to the endless rollout of Yuletide which will be harmful to mental health. For this, there is much evidence which all support this claim.

As per the study which was done by Consumer Reports, said that it has revealed that there is about 23 percent of survey respondents which is said to be dreaded about all the holiday. The Business Insider said this.

After this posts, the next comes a British-based clinical report. This report is said to be from the psychologist Linda Blair, who has got the misfortune about sharing the name with the actress of the demonically possed flick The Exorcist. It is said to be believed that the repetitious exposure to the sings can cause weakness of the mental health of a person. It has been seen that she has stopped short of stating which can tune to cause some kind of physical damage to your head.

According to Blair, the people who all are working in the shops at Christmas have tuned to the Christmas music. By listening to this, they focus on their work during that time.  This takes some energy from your mind to avoid the music to focus on other things than on the music. This affects the health of the mind.