Netflix Buys its First Studio in Albuquerque

Netflix, netflix own studio
image source: CNN

The strongest of the digital companies of the modern day internet age are frequently trying to become much more like the real-life counterparts they have overshadowed, and this is ironically vice versa.

For instance, Amazon is moving into the world retail by opening convenience stores and bookstores of their own. The legendary retailers like Target and Walmart are ramping up the aspects like that of Amazon by presenting the same offering along with pickup options and convenient shipping and in the meantime improving their digital experiences.

And now the streaming giant Netflix has planned to expand its venture in California. The behemoth of streaming service has made plans to open a production centre in New Mexico’s Albuquerque by acquiring the ABQ Studios. It is the first time that Netflix has purchased a studio complex. The deal is in the final stage of negotiations due to the incentives that include funding of $10 million to the Local Economic Development Act from the state along with maximum funding of $4.5 million from Albuquerque.

Netflix has positioned this as a net positive for the state of New Mexico. In the next ten years, the production hub will provide $1 billion in productions to New Mexico and will open up around 1,000 production jobs every year.

It is pretty much unsure to say whether the statistics are accurate or not but the production hub was previously involved in filming the critically acclaimed Tv Series AMC’s Breaking Bad and Marvel’s Logan.

It is not as shocking as it sounds. Netflix has already completed the producing materials like Longmire, Godless and The Ridiculous Six in the heart of New Mexico. Netflix has promised to use the ABQ production hub for productions of Daybreak, Chambers and Messiah.

Amazon has occupied Culver Studios where Apple.Inc is planning to lease another location in Culver City. It will only provide an added advantage to Netflix.