See How To Help California People Affected By Wildfires

See How To Help California People Affected By Wildfires
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Many numbers of California is trying to return on their feet after a few weeks of, particularly devastating fire season. As per the information given by the Los Angeles Times, more than 870 people are still missing and 12,000 houses have been damaged in connection with California’s recent wildfire. Many people who lost their homes in the fire were renters, often to cover the cost of damage to their homes without insurance of rent.

Once NBC News get informed by the Californian that she did not lose her home, but sadly she just lost her job.  Heather Milstred, 29, shared her experience, one that will feel familiar to many whose towns were affected by the fires.

“She is a job coach for mentally disabled adults with California Vocations, and my boss has been amazing,” Mildred says. “But our location was leveled. but they are renting out a temporary space, but the [future] is unclear… how do you work in a town where everything else is gone and everyone has left?”

If you want to know the cure or you are finding how you can help those affected people, so keep calm because you are not the only person.

Even if you are not in California, you can do a lot. Most people in need are not able to store food, clothes or other donations. Instead, they are asking that people send gift cards or cash to support people who need it. FEMA does not donate, but they have announced some of the organizations with whom they are partnering (included below) where you can donate, as NBC News has mentioned.

Before donating money. Please be sure to check that it is approved by the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

  1. North Valley Community Foundation
  2. Salvation Army
  3. United Way (Greater Los Angeles) and United Way of Northern California
  4.  Ventura County Community Foundation