See This TV Star Mom Who Turns Into A Food Waste Warrior

TV star mom, Food warrior
image source: Upworthy

Alysia Reiner is studying a lot about sustainability from her daughter. Before her daughter was born she was maintaining greener lifestyle actually began way before Liv was born.

Her daughter Reiner was in elementary school when she was first educated about Earth Day and why it’s so important and necessary to protect the planet earth. She learned from her school and from that time to now she makes her habit more enviornment friendly.

When she was on her last stage of pregnancy, she told that she had become more conscious of every iota that was going into my body,” Reiner explains.

This indicated making genuine choices about what she was eating.

If you are having a small baby, you become more excited about eating a rainbow, Reiner says in reference to eating a wider spectrum of natural, healthy foods.

  1. She is not only thinking about her eating habits, but she also became very mindful of the food she was throwing away:

You believe it or not but food waste is the single largest contributor to landfills in the United States today. And it’s not only practicing up time there — when food decomposes it releases methane gas, a form of climate pollution that is up to 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

But the loss of waste on the environment is only part of why it is an unfortunate habit. When we throw food, we are really taking out the money.US alone to be exact 218 billion dollars.

Save the food a campaign which educated people about how not to waste food and also partnered with Reiner to turn her fridge raids into the video.

They both together spread awareness about saving the food and provide resources to help people make food waste-limiting practices a staple of home life.

Of course, Reiner performs the same food waste-limiting practices she teaches in her own home and gets her husband and daughter involved, too.