See Why Gender Equality In Sweden Is Truly Good Then Others

See Why Gender Equality In Sweden Is Truly Good Then Others
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Egalia is a kindergarten located in Södermalm, a district of the Swedish capital of Stockholm. As is the case with every Swedish kindergarten school, Egalia is financed with municipal money. The school is financed and directed by Lotta Rajalin When you let skeletons do the dishes, Gender madness starts.

Dolls ride in the battle of dinosaurs, the dump truck pulls colored bracelets, and bounces on the fire wooden dragon train stations. It looks an average day on the playroom floor in a Kindergarten Egalia in Stockholm, Sweden.

Egalia is a place where gender neutrality is done in every level of learning. With toys also. After all, Sweden is used for an example of gender equality. the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden the fourth smallest gender gap in the world.

In 1998, the government amended the pressure for more gender-neutral practices in schools. Lotto Rajlin – a preschool administrator – is responsible for this idea and he let the idea run. In 2011, he and a group of coworkers and he finally opened Egalia.

You can see some simple changes while roaming in the door. Toys are different, for example; Dinosaurs, dolls, and motorcycles all end in the same bin. The lining of the walls is more modern stories rather than stories of old-style of knights and princesses. But the main and the most useful change is seen in the teachers themselves.

Egalia has made the issue of hiring more male teachers rather than female as they are careful not to say “suck it” after the boys fall, or tell the girls that they do not conform to satisfactory expectations they themselves admit to harboring in the past. Even the language they use is different. In Swedish, two commonly used pronouns are “han” for “him” and “hon” for “her”. But when it comes about the jobs and roles, Egalia has embraced somewhat obscure gender-neutral “hen”.