Sharon Stone shows off diamond ring at Miami beach outing

Sharon Stone shows off diamond ring at Miami beach outing

The “Basic Instinct” actress has hit up a Miami beach with her beau on Thursday where she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Sharon Stone, who has turned 60 on Saturday, sported a colorful halter bikini top and seersucker drawstring pants. She has tied a long-sleeve green tee around her waist with a pair of Adidas slip-on sandals on her feet. She has pulled her short blonde locks back from her face with a headband, wearing sunglasses.

Sharon Stone shows off diamond ring at Miami beach outing

Sharon’s Italian entrepreneur went shirtless and wore a pair of short denim shorts with a leather and canvas belt. Boffa has coordinated with his girlfriend in a matching headband and sunglasses combo. He has slipped a pair of canvas boat shoes on his feet. The diamond ring on Sharon’s finger seems to be an emerald cut diamond with a simple band whereas her representative didn’t respond to a request for the comments.

The duo was first spotted together in New York City in January when they have attended the Hollywood Reporter TV Talks at the 92nd Street Y. In the support of Sharon’s HBO series “Mosaic”— the six-episode murder mystery show directed by Steven Soderbergh— the event was organized. Both, Sharon and Boffa have packed on the PDA, walking arm in arm and sharing a smile together.

If the couple ends up tying the knot, this will be the third marriage for Sharon. Sharon was earlier married to TV producer Michael Greenburg in 1984, getting split three years later and finalizing their divorce in 1990. Her second husband— an executive editor at “The San Francisco Chronicle”— tying the knot on Valentine’s Day in 1998.

The duo was together for 5 years with Bronstein filing for divorce in 2003 citing irreconcilable difference. In 1993, she was engaged to producer William J. MacDonald and director Bob Wagner in 1994— reportedly returning William’s engagement to him through express mail. Sharon has adopted three sons— 17-year-old Roan Joseph, 12-year-old Laird Vonne, and 11-year-old Quinn Kelly Stone.