Skipping exercise is worse than smoking, Study Says

Exercise benefits, skipping exercise
image source: Time


In the recent new study, it suggested that the people who all think smoking and heart disease are worst, they should now know that avoiding exercising is even more dangerous.

The study which came out in the JAMA Network Open Journal says that the people who all avoid exercise are at the danger of getting heart disease. The study has been done for about 23 years, and in this survey, about 122,007 patients have taken part. The test has done in Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic.

As per the researchers, they have found that the people who all have got some sedentary lifestyles had about 500 per cent high risk which is said to be associated with the death than those who have qualified as the top of exercise performers.

The people who all exercised at least at a minimum level has ended up having improved results, but still, they had got about 390 per cent of high risk which is said to be associated with the death which is then compared with the optimal choice.

As per the Daily Mail, it said that the researchers who all have stated that the people who did not do well on the treadmill test were said to have asked twice of the health risk.  At this time, they were compared with the people who all have got kidney failure dialysis.

This study has said that this points out to be obvious which is on a superficial level. It makes you think that how unhealthy you are and it is unique as well as it shed some light on the subject on which the people usually overlook.

The main problem in this study is this study has been done by taking a particular area and not on a global scale. So this may make people rethink again when they think about exercise.