Tear Gas Against Women And Children At US-Mexico Border, Viral Photo Of A Mother

Tear Gas Against Women And Children At US-Mexico Border, Viral Photo Of A Mother
Image Source: RT.com

The stunning picture of a mother running away from tear gas with her twin daughters was immediately gone viral online, where it was used by those who spread conspiracy and racist memes. Photo taken by Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-hoon shows Maria Meza from Honduras, who had informed that the lady wanted to protect her child.

Lady said “I felt sad, I was scared. I wanted to cry. then only, when I grabbed my daughters and ran,” and also said, She thought her kids were going to die with her because of the gas we inhaled.

But the remote media used the photo to spread false claims of the division. The first claim came in mainstream view on Twitter, where a user posted photos with some people in the photo. In which two people with cameras who looked to be documenting tear gas strikes and other people were walking roughly in the direction of the camera.

A caption on the picture with an arrow pointing to a group of people says, “Posing as fleeing” text and arrows do not address the tear gas in the picture on the tweeted photo. In order to make their way to far-right media, the seekers and journalists did not have long been involved in intrigues targeted. Externally speaking to either the photographer or the subject, websites embedded conspiratorial tweets under an anger-inducing headline.

“Hoaxed: The ‘Illegal Alien Mom with Barefoot Kids’ Photo was a Setup – Another Staged #FakeNews Production,” The gateway Pundit said the title. That post got more than 7,000 engagement on Facebook and over 11,000 engagements on Twitter. It was also choosen by other publications, such as David Harris Jr.’s website, where it found more than 16,000 Facebook attachments, and 100% of the fed up, where nearly 4,000 got it.