Tesla now remove the full self-driving feature

Tesla now remove the full self-driving feature
Image Source: The Verge

In the recent development, Tesla has removed the autopilot system from the online configurator. In a statement from the company, it said that this step had been taken as many people are getting confused.

It is said that one of the moan reason people are getting into Tesla vehicles is due to having an absolute potential to be a leader in this self-driving world. It is seen that the company is now pulling the full self-driving (FSD) feature from the line up of the future vehicles which is for now.

Elon Musk now explains the main reason behind this move. He has responded to a user on Twitter about why the option had been removed from the car. He said in the tweet that it was causing any confusion. It seems that he is referring to the confusion that the people have got about the newly announced cheaper Tesla model 3 configuration. One can able to see that this possibility in which some people were said to get confused about the features in which they would be getting right off the bat along with the cheaper model.

It has been now seen that the costs are associated with the almost defunct option which is said to be not cheap. A customer needs to pay about $5000 if they have got selected in the Enhanced Autopilot feature.

As per Digital Trends, another $3000 gets full self-driving which would be activated in the future when the autonomous software was said to be completed and had got validation as well as regulatory approval. It has been said that still, it is possible that one can able to get the full self-driving option if you contact Tesla company directly, but Musk said that it is only for a week.