Internet has fallen in love with these gay penguins raising an egg together

Gay penguin, Gentoo penguin
image source: The Independent

A pair of gay penguins has taken the attention by taking care of an egg together at the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. In the paradigm shift of raising intelligible questions on homosexuality, the internet is blown with the gay penguins nurturing a fake egg with utmost care and protection. Sphen and Magic(the gay penguins) exactly knew when Ms. Hannan handed the ‘fake egg’ cardinally. To her surprise, they started incubating the egg.

When it stoops down to parenting, the Gentoo penguins share the parenting, feeding and nourishment responsibilities equally and homogenously. So, a small difference can be marked between opposite-sex and same-sex parenting. Like every other substance in the air, love is the most found element in the space embarked in case of Sphen and Magic. The entire world comes to a stop when the breeding season begins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia, and this adorable penguin couple is stealing the podium and more simply, the show.

Sphen and Magic, the two male Gentoo penguins, became entangled in the Macquarie Island. They were indeed successful at building a nest. Love has no exact portrait. It exists in every color, gender, and the likes. The gay penguins were so good at nurturing the dummy egg that they were given a real egg to incubate. Gentoo penguins build nests with pebbles when they couple up. Sphen and Magic proved themselves to be responsible parents.

While the little penguin in the eggshell process to hatch, Sphen and Magic take turns incubating, protecting and taking up all the steps of parentage making sure the other penguins do not get to poke their nose or take an ounce of their pebbles.