The Pittsburgh Killing Targeted Jews and Killed 11

Pittsburgh killing, Jews killed
image source: Newsbook


The recent mass killing which took place at a synagogue in Pittsburgh is considered as the worst of the anti-Semitic incident in the history of the US. The Jewish Americans are now questioning if they are fated to live their lives with threats and fear at home that their community has gone through since a long time all around the world.

The alleged attack is representing a blunt challenge to the core values of America, that is, people of every religion and race are entitled to similar inalienable rights. All of a sudden, these fundamental beliefs are getting tested dividing new political era which is aimed at the shadowy concept of other races and religions like Mexicans, Muslims and Middle Easterners.

In last week’s Saturday morning, a gunman crushed the sense of belonging for the Jews in America.

This is not entirely a coincidence as a heavily armed man had barged into a Jewish religious ceremony and ultimately killed 11 people and told the enforcement officer that he merely wants to destroy the Jews right after a week that weighed with the other heinous acts of the violence of extremist that was motivated by politics.

As far as the history is concerned, the anti-Semitism is the early indicator which shows the thought of extremist is gathering a steady pace into a society or it is getting used like a political told who are keen to make use of underlying sentiment and resentment.

There is a hypothesis that the governance of Donald Trump might directly or indirectly be devising the politics which in turn licenses the extremists.

Nevertheless, the president cannot be accused directly or indirectly to of igniting the horrific incidents such as the one which took place in Pittsburgh over the weekend. On Saturday, Trump delivered a passionate and welcome condemnation regarding the attack in Pittsburgh and called anti-Semitism as “vile hate that is filled with poison.”