Too Young Actors And Old Actors To Play High Schoolers Role

Too Young Actors And Old Actors To Play High Schoolers Role
Image Source: Film Inquiry

When we see Power Ranger in TV, we thought that teenagers were adults and all Power Ranger were supposed to be in high school student, but actually they in their twenties. Some of the shows were good about this, like Saved by the Bell, and Nickelodeon generally cast real-life teenagers in high school roles. In contrast, the casting of young men and women in adult roles is not completely ignored. Many people accept these roles because they feel that this is an opportunity to shine.

12 actors who were too old & 12 actors too young:

  1. Too Old- Carey Mulligan

She is one of the actors who has blessed by God to age slowly. She was doing well in her 30s and rock in movies with the help of her baby face cut. This helped her to get the role of Daisy Fay in The Great Gatsby, who was supposed to be 17 years old, yet Carey was 28 years old when she was cast. She has also played the roles of High School Student in Never Let Me Go and An Education.

2. Too Young- Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin has awarded with Academy Award at the age of 12 years old. Playing in 1993’s, she wasn’t allowed to watch the movie or you can say not even a single movie and this helps her to get the Oscar because of its adult content. The married mother of two now shields her children from her latest show True Blood, a show also contains with the similar content.

  1. Too Old- Tom Welling

As it is not easy as its look to play a role of 18 years old kid at the age of 24. He made his debut from Smallville in 2001.

  1. Too Old- Leonardo Dicaprio
  2. Too Young- Rosario Dawson
  3. Too Young- Daniel Radcliffe