Top 10 pregnancies which go viral in the internet

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Undeniably, a matter of fact that might be irritating the celebs is that they are tracked by the members of the paparazzi to get their life details covered, and this is so because people are much interested to know about them. If the celebs will be running to the grocery shops, which is not such interesting matter, then also they are tracked by people and are stalked by the photographers most of the time.

The attention they get is even more magnified just by the social networking handles. If two married celebs are expecting a child, then it is even a bigger deal. And thus it is a no different matter that the celebs always tend to hide their details from the paparazzi. But it becomes very difficult to keep their privacy issues secret. Following are the pregnancies which were viral on the internet.

Kim Kardashian is a woman photographed recklessly during her pregnancy. Some people feel beautiful and enjoy their pregnancy while on the other hand there are people who don’t feel like being photographed and one of those is Kim Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen also caught much of people’s attention during her pregnancy days, and during her second pregnancy she was equally excited and caught people’s attention.

Hilaria Baldwin was a mother to three children and then she made a realization that the fourth is on the way. She also broke the internet and was photographed by people while her days of pregnancy.

Eva Longoria was also one of such lady who was given much attention during her pregnancy. She said that in those times she was direct “The Mick” which was a comedy. She was getting tired and then she was disturbed by the thought that people must be assuming her to be lazy and later on she came to know that she was pregnant.