Transgender Might Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump’s Administration

Transgender Might Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump's Administration
Image Source: Richard Dawkins Foundation

The administration under the current President of the United States Donald Trump is considering to narrow the defining gender as an immutable, biological condition which is determined by genitalia at birth. This is the most drastic move yet in the effort taken by the entire government to roll back the recognition and protection of people who are transgenders under the federal civil rights law.

A series of decisions taken by the administration of Barack Obama has allegedly loosened the legal concept of gender in the federal programs which also included health care and education which also recognized gender mainly as a choice of an individual and not determined by the sex assigned to a person at birth.

The new policy has prompted many brawls over dormitories, bathrooms, single-sex programs and other places where gender was once regarded as an uncomplicated concept. Conservative on the other hand such as evangelical Christians was incensed.

As of now the Health and Human Services Department is projecting an effort for establishing a legal definition of sex under the Title of the federal civil rights law which bans discrimination of gender in education programs which receives financial assistance from the government according to the memo which is obtained by The New York Times.

The department has also made many arguments in its memo that the vital governmental agencies need for adopting a uniform and an explicit definition of gender which is determined “ by biology which is grounded in science, clear, administrable and objective.”

The agency has also proposed that the definition will define sex as either female or male, and this will be unchangeable and will be vividly determined by the genitals of a person which he/she is born with according to the draft which has been reviewed by The Times. It is also proposed that any dispute related to the sex of one person must be clarified using genetic testing.