Wells Adams moves into Sarah Hyland’s home in Los Angeles

Wells Adams moves into Sarah Hyland's home in Los Angeles
Image Source: People Magazine

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams moved in together!

On Friday, the couple was spotted showing off PDA in front of a U-Haul truck outside the 27-year-old actress’ home in Los Angeles. For the day, Sarah donned a white ruffled crop top paired with denim shorts, while Wells— who drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee— opted for black jeans and a grey tee. Before his arrival, the “Modern Family” star has shared an Instagram story of herself unpacking hair products for herself and Wells, a gift from celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin. During the video, Sarah has said: “You guys Jen was not lying when she said she would send stuff for Wells and me.”

As she unloaded the surplus of shampoos, she has revealed: “I mean I already started unpacking, but are you kidding.” Last week, the 34-year-old “The Bachelorette” alum announced that he and his girlfriend were moving in together on the 20th July episode of his podcast “Your Favorite Thing” with Brandi Cyrus.

Wells has said, “I’m straight up moving to LA. Should I have not have said it? I’ve got to go!” As for his home in Nashville, he hasn’t figured it out yet. On his show, the actor has explained: “I don’t know yet. I might Airbnb it. I might just long-term rent it.” There is ‘one’ thing Wells is a little worried about.

He has said that he is most concerned about his dog and her dogs as Carl sleeps on his bed and her dog Boo sleeps on Sarah’s bed. The duo’s big move comes after almost a year of dating. Sarah and Wells first met on Twitter last summer while he was the bartender in “Bachelor in Paradise.” In November, the actress has then confirmed their relationship with an Instagram post of the two making funny faces and captioned, “he puts up with me.”