White House Counsel Resigns After Helping Donald Trump

White House Counsel, donald trump
image source: VOA News


According to Don McGahn, a White House official and source of advice on the last day of the White House presidential palace White House.

McGahn has been planning to leave the White House, but a source told CNN that his departure has accelerated after President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he had chosen Patrick Cipollone as his successor. Cipollone is an experienced litigator and former Justice Department official who served during President George H.W. Bush’s government.

A White House official said that McGahn had a 20-minute farewell meeting with Trump on Wednesday, which was a “very good meeting” and the president emerged in McGahn’s achievements.

According to White House officials, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly hopes McGahn will stay until the end of the year, but McGahn feels it is time to move on. According to the official, there was no big fan when leaving – McGahn only thought the timing was right – he told the president and then Kelly.

A source told CNN sources: “Usually you will remain in office until the successor is ready to take his place. But in this case, McGinn is tired of the president, and the president is against the wheat. McGahn is tired.”

In the first 18 months of Trump’s presidency, McGahn resigned as a White House legal adviser, guiding the White House’s handling of the Russian investigation, and responding internally to the president’s fickleness as the investigation became intense.

McGahn has been an essential designer for Trump to reshape the federal court and helped ensure this part of the president’s conservative heritage. McGahn, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, successfully promoted the two Supreme Court nominees to the bench and 84 new ones since the president took office. Federal judge.

Before joining the Trump campaign and the White House, McGahn worked for Jones Day, a strong DC law firm, and previously served as a commissioner for the Federal Election Commission.