Women Declare, ‘My Body Is My Own’ In An Empowering Video From Planned Parenthood

Women Declare, ‘My Body Is my Own’ In An Empowering Video From Planned Parenthood
Image Source: Glamour

Unleashed with the women empowerment, planned parenthood has featured girls and women in a new short film and more of a strong message which has taken the internet over high heels.

The issues revolving around the body contour being every time ravished with normal discrepancy has chunked the mind of the creator, and a whole has been vent out through his video. The video speaks the voice of every girl and women who go through these short but cactus-like remarks from people over their bodies is no more acceptable and needs a change in the mindset which being efficiently tale through my body is my own body, and no one has the marrow to judge my existence in any form is the only message we can infer.

Cynthia Hill being the originator of the video, inspired by Unstoppable Manifesto bring us the empathy that women are meant to rule the world out of their creativity, willpower and hard work. They cannot be stopped because of the bulkiness or the skipped meal body. In the video, one woman is enduring the vastness of this gender, and the others are circulating the theme that imperfections of their body is pretty perfect and have hurled from dancing to speak about sex with open hearts and a clear vision. Considerably, they have also mentioned in the video about their received criticism about their body, weight, choices, hair, clothing and many more in the bucket list of the harsh comment makers.

The director has made it more realistic by including her daughters in the video who even go on to speak about their experiences in being criticized about their weight and body. The only clear paradigm they have sent through the video is not to judge and calculate someone on the virtue of their body. Sexual assault and right of reproducing is a solemn manifestation of being women. Positivity of mind and body is more important than the physical attributed mortal body.